HAKU Pure Live Resin

Award Winning Live Resin

Molecular Magic is in its Nature

All plants, including cannabis, produce a unique chemical profile or “fingerprint”. In the cannabis industry we call this chemical “fingerprint” a chemovar, and this is where the molecular magic is. A chemovar is primarily made of cannabinoids and terpenoids, and gives us insight into an extract’s smell, taste and effect. When we inhale cannabis, we are affected by the chemovar of cannabinoids and terpenoids, which create synergistic, “full” spectrum effects.

Mother Nature knows best, and here at HAKU we are obsessed with preserving the magic found in live cannabis flowers. HAKU CO2 Live Resin is only extracted from fresh cut, fresh frozen cannabis flowers. Live cannabis flowers — and thus our extracts — are rich in fleeting mono terpenes. Monoterpenes are the most delicate and volatile of the terpenoids, giving HAKU live resin its unique fresh flower taste and effect. HAKU extracts retain native, mono terpene rich chemovars as it’s found in the flower.


It’s common for full spectrum extracts to have altered chemovars when compared to the flower it was extracted from. These alterations, or “drift,” from the flower’s chemovar are an unintended result of many extraction processes. The “drift” changes an extract’s taste, smell and effect when compared to the flower it was extracted from. We’ve coined the term “chemovar drift’ to describe the concept and we’ve practically eliminated it. We’ve invented a patent pending CO2 extraction technology that enables complete preservation of native, live resin chemovars. The result is HAKU CO2 Live Resin tastes exactly like the live flowers from which it was extracted. This means that you get authentic strain taste, smell and effect every time. HAKU CO2 Live Resin invites you to taste the terroir in fresh cut cannabis flower and nothing else.

Chemovar Graph

HAKU cannabinoid and terpene profiles match the original flower levels with no chemovar drift, so you get the genuine strain every time.


Our only “ingredient” is cannabis flowers, and to capture the plant’s ‘farm fresh” flavor we go through great lengths. We work closely with Washington State’s top farmers to ensure the flowers are harvested at peak ripeness and fresh frozen immediately after being cut “off the vine”. This simple technique is what makes HAKU Live Resin so special — freezing the flowers immediately after harvest preserves the true essence of the flowers. It’s critical to never let the flowers thaw out or they risk being ruined. The flowers are transported frozen to our lab and are extracted using our patent pending CO2 Live Resin technology. After extraction, we refine our oil to give the product its silky smooth vapor and characteristic “live resin” cannabis flavor. Inhale intently.

Insist on HAKU CO2 Live Resin

  • Only award-winning oil
  • Pesticide-free always
  • Sustainably grown and processed
  • Only “live”, fresh cut cannabis flowers
  • 100% CO2 Live Resin extract
  • Never dried/cured cannabis
  • Never distillate
  • Never isolate
  • Never any additives
  • No chemovar drift
  • Precisely preserved native terpenoids and cannabinoids
  • No residual solvents
  • Hydrocarbon free extraction


Can a science become an art when the scientist develops a meticulous attention to the nuance and style of the craft? And does art become science if the artist has total mastery of the equipment and processes? You’ll find @Marlin_Rando at the center of these questions. He is part of that rare breed of right-brain/left-brain thinkers who can effortlessly pass back and forth between science and art. In the industry, he’s known as one of the West Coast’s most awarded extractors, and a pioneer in the science of CO2 extraction.

You’ll find him as a featured speaker and presenter at cannabis symposia, conferences, and “Extraction cage matches” across the country. When he’s not debating the merits of CO2 extraction, he’s publishing papers on it, in trade journals such as Terpenes and Testing, and Cannabis Science and Technology. Marlin’s also been featured in American Chemical Society’s Journal of Chemical Engineering, for his work with cannabis terpene formulations; and in Ed Rosenthal’s Beyond Buds, Next Generation: Marijuana Concentrates and Cannabis Infusions book for his work in CO2 extraction.

As Chief Science Officer, he leads Lehua Brands day-to-day operations — but HAKU Live Resin is a passion-project. Marlin is in the fields, pheno-hunting, and at competitions, chemo-hunting. He’s working on the brand, on the hardware, and most importantly, in the lab. It took him years to develop the oil for Haku. Only after winning top prizes in our states top competitions like “Best THC Oil,” “Best CBD Live Resin,” “Best Cannabis Derived Cartridge,” and back-to-back years of “Best THC Cartridge” was he ready to release the first cartridge of HAKU CO2 Live Resin.

Try it — and you’ll never think of cannabis oil the same way again.


Type 1 Live Resin // high THC // low CBD
Double Lemon Cheesecake
Sun cup 2019 “Best THC Cartridge”
Sun Grown by Cannasol Farms
Available in 1/2 and 1 gram cartridges
Type 1 Live Resin // high THC // low CBD
Tesla Tower
Dope Cup 2018, Runner up “Best Sun grown Sativa Flower”
Sun Grown by Lazy Bee Gardens
Available in 1/2 and 1 gram cartridges
Type 1 Live Resin // high THC // low CBD
OG Grapefruit Krypt
Sun cup 2018, “Best THC Cartridge”
Sun Grown by Cannasol Farms
Available in 1/2 and 1 gram cartridges
Type 2 Live Resin // balanced THc and CBD
Cashy’s Honey
Terpestival 2019, Runner up “Best CBD Oil”
Sun Grown by Cannasol Farms
Available in 1/2 and 1 gram cartridges
Type 3 Live Resin // Low THC // High CBD
Hawaiian Tsu
Suncup 2019, “Best CBD cartridge”
Sun Grown by Cannasol Farms
Available in 1/2 and 1 gram cartridges
Type 2 Live Resin // balanced THC and CBD
CBD Dream
Dope Cup 2018, “Best CBD Live resin”
Indoor Grown by Millennium Green
Available in 1/2 and 1 gram cartridges
Haku Live Resin Packaging


We recommend low temps and voltages for the best flavor experience — our monoterpenoids will thank you.

Directions for Use:

  1. Remove cartridge from box and remove silicone cap from cartridge base and mouth piece.
  2. Screw cartridge into any standard 5/10 threaded battery. Please note HAKU carts are “terpy” (rich in sensory and efficacy complexity), so the more fine-tuned the battery, the better.
  3. HAKU oil is from fresh flowers, so treat it delicately, like a fresh cut flower. Always store in a cool, dry and dark place. Oh, and while we’re giving general advice: ideally, store the carts in the fridge for extended periods of time. You can even store your battery in the fridge which will help keep its charge longer. Always store HAKU cartridges completely out of the reach of children.
  4. Turn on battery and set temperature settings to 1.4 amps / 2-3.5 volts max.
  5. Pull/inhale gently on the mouthpiece for 2-4 seconds and check vapor production. Keep puffing in 2-4 second increments until you see vapor; do NOT pull harder to vape the oil if you don’t see vapor. Try turning the cart in ¼ turns left or right to ensure good contact w/ the battery. Also use ¼ turns of the cartridge to increase or decrease air flow. Our bottom flow carts work on push button and auto draw batteries.
  6. Once you’ve primed the cart, you can continue w/ short draws, if you prefer longer draws be mindful not to “burn” the oil.
  7. Inhale deeply. We’re pretty sure every yoga instructor is onto something with this one.
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